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34 Times John Krasinski Was The Most Perfect Man Alive

In honor of John's 34th birthday.

1. When he basked in the glow of these lights and his hair and his face were all adorable and beautiful.

2. Whenever he smiles his quirky smile.

3. When he asked if he could have sex with you like a proper gentleman.

4. When he danced like this.

5. When he grew this weird mustache and somehow still looked amazing.

6. Basically whenever he laughs.

7. When he emerges from the shadows and all you see is his face and it's perfect.

8. When he giggles like this.

9. When he grew this beard and made this face and wore these sunglasses.

10. When his facial hair game was pretty much always perfect.

11. When he giggles to himself and it's so cute, even he can't handle it.

12. When he wore this Spiderman costume.

13. And when he sat like this while wearing a Spiderman costume.

14. When he made these faces.

15. And this face.

16. And this face.

17. Whenever he did the Jim Halpert face and looked at the camera and smirked and everybody exploded from adorableness.

18. When he stuck his butt out and walked like a dinosaur.

19. When he wore this black jacket and looked beautiful.

20. And when he wore this baseball hat and smiled and also looked beautiful.

21. When he smiled like this.

22. And chuckled adorably like this.

23. When he was a real asshole but still painfully cute.

24. Basically whenever he's in a suit.

25. And basically whenever he laughs.

26. When he took off his clothes while singing.

27. When he stretched on stage like this.

28. When he made this face.

29. And this one.

30. When he looked sexy with his hair pushed back.

31. When he looked sexy driving a truck.

32. When he looked sexy in a white T-shirt on the beach.

33. Basically when he looked sexy doing anything.

34. Because he's John Krasinski and he's beautiful and amazing and the most perfect man alive.