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46 Times Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Proved They Belong Together

The most beautiful bromance to ever exist in the history of bromances.

1. When they tried to make it seem like they weren't meant to be, even though we all know they were truly meant to be.

2. When Louis couldn't contain his affection for Harry's curls.

3. When Louis told Harry he looks sexy with his hair pushed back.

4. When Harry softly whispers in Louis' ear.

5. And then when he watches Louis laugh as he walks away.

6. When Louis stares longingly at Harry while he's talking.

7. That time an interviewer touched Louis' leg and Harry had to touch it to claim his territory.

8. Whenever they snuggle on a couch.

9. And stare into each other's eyes.

10. Whenever Harry rubs Louis' legs.

11. When they stood on this balcony together and whispered softly into each other's ears.

12. When this delicate hair fix happened.

13. Whenever they share clothes.

14. When Harry grabbed this phone that was tucked snugly between Louis' thighs.

15. When Harry stares at Louis and his tight white shirt on stage.

16. When this passionate kiss happened.

17. And this one.

18. When this on-field hug happened.

19. And this breast rub.

20. And this soft caress.

21. And this bite.

22. When they looked at each other like this.

23. When Louis licked Harry's nose like this.

24. When they smile at each other on the red carpet like this.

25. When this full facial rub happened.

26. When their faces were like this close to each other.

27. When this whisper happened.

28. Whenever Harry stares at Louis and his lips and his eyes and his nose.

29. When Louis stroked Harry's beautiful curls.

30. When Louis wanted to rub Harry's face all over but had to resist.

31. When this slight grope happened.

32. When Louis pulled Harry into his soul on stage.

33. When their tongues reached for each other.

34. When Louis just couldn't resist planting his face on Harry's cheek.

35. When an interviewer asked them if they wanted children and they both looked right at each other.

36. And when Louis said they already live together and are basically married.

37. When this subtle stare happened.

38. When Louis put his face into Harry's face.

39. When they just couldn't stop touching each other's cheeks.

40. When, in this brief moment, they decided they would live in each other's arms forever.

41. Basically whenever Louis' fingers are in or around Harry's mouth.

42. Or cheek region...

43. Or general face area.

44. When Louis boops Harry in one of his many nipples.

45. Basically whenever they stare longingly at each other and imagine their futures together.

46. And every other time because they are clearly in love.