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40 Things To Love About Robbie Rogers

The soccer star recently made history as the first ever openly gay major league soccer player. And also he's basically perfect.

1. This is Robbie Rogers.

Getty Images

2. Robbie plays soccer.

Getty Images

3. And also he just made history as the first ever openly gay major league soccer player.

Getty Images

4. So, basically, he's a total BAMF.

Marcio Jose Sanchez, File / AP

5. But if that's not enough reason to show him some love...

6. He's also a total babe.

Jeff Vinnick / Getty Images

7. Like, model-level babe.

Tom Jenkins /

8. Like, actually-models-for-a-clothing-line babe.

9. He has a beautiful, perfect face.

Getty Images

(And a jaw line that could actually cut a slice of fine cheese.)

10. And eyes.

Alex Gallardo / Reuters

11. And smile.

Getty Images

12. And hair.

Getty Images

13. And also he does a lot of running without his shirt.

14. And celebrating without his shirt.

Paul Giamou/MLS via Getty Images

15. And swimming without his shirt.

16. And just general standing around without his shirt.

17. And doing whatever this is without his shirt.

18. He makes beautiful, adorable faces.

19. He dresses like he just walked out of a magazine.

20. Like, "Oh just casually walking down the stairs, I'm not a model."

Tom Jenkins /

21. "Oh, I was just standing by this wall and the camera went off, I'm totally not a model."

22. Except he is. And he is beautiful.

Tom Jenkins /

23. He can totally pull off this suit and tie.

24. He loves dogs.

25. He loves posing with dogs.

26. Especially his dog Jeffrey.

Tom Jenkins /

27. He likes to keep him in his jacket.

28. And dress him up.

29. And try on glasses with him.

30. And lie in bed with him.

31. And generally look painfully adorable with him.

32. He likes to wear swag.

33. And sombreros.

34. And pose with drag queens.

35. He has a habit of making super adorable and ridiculous faces.

36. Especially during serious soccer games.

Getty Images

37. And especially when he's judging the other team.

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

38. But, overall, he is a perfect, beautiful human.

Getty Images

39. And all of it is just a lot to handle.

Darryl Dyck / AP

40. And I love him.