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29 Things That Are Way More Important Than Work Right Now

Work can wait. There are more important things happening.

1. These two puppies falling off the table at the exact same time.

2. This two furry guinea pigs enjoying a nice refreshing beverage on the patio.

3. This tiny goat taking a very important business call.

4. This Australian goat with a very nice hat who just won a very important court case.

5. This furry puppy struggling to get out of this bowl.

6. This dog making a duck face with two chips.

7. This guinea pig wearing a very important straw hat.

8. This tiny dog in a very tiny helmet.

9. This dog in a delicious bag of crunchy Cheetos.

10. This fat chipmunk eating a very enjoyable feast in the sand.

11. This hipster dog.

12. This goat playing a prank on his goat friend.

13. These two dogs pushing these other two dogs in a stroller race.

14. This diva cat enjoying a very important day at the spa.

15. This fluffy dog who is very excited to be wearing tiny blue socks.

16. This deer who is very happy to have met a shirtless friend.

17. This dog who is enjoying a nice day sliding down the street by himself.

18. This dog who is just ecstatically happy to be swinging in this swing.

19. This turtle who has recently discovered just how fast he can be.

20. This cat planning a very important sneak attack on this bowl of food.

21. This dog who just can't get away from his owner.

22. This dog taking a very important phone call.

23. This dog enjoying a very important car ride.

24. This cow wearing rain boots.

25. This very adorable little puppy learning how to roar.

26. This very comfortable dog enjoying a lazy afternoon on the couch.

27. This bird wearing a very important sweatshirt.

28. This dog learning to swim in the air.

29. And finally, this tiny dog whose tongue is basically bigger than his entire face.