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31 Things That Are Way More Important Than Studying For Finals Right Now

Besides literally everything else.

1. This beautiful bulldog gracefully sliding down a twisty slide.

2. This majestic pig sauntering along the beach below a sunset.

3. This cat who spent too much of her day sniffing flowers.

4. This dumb cat who is very determined to lick this stream of water.

5. This dog who is also a hide-and-seek ninja.

6. This cat on a warthog.

7. This dog who is clearly prepared for the car ride of her life.

8. This beautiful fairy dog.

9. This dog who refuses to eat his chip unless he is also given some salsa or guacamole.

10. This dancing kangaroo.

11. This raccoon trying desperately to open the window.

12. This murderous cat and her next victim.

13. This very excited puppy who can't get up this slanty wall.

14. This lion who is too sleepy to keep his tiny lion head up.

15. This hedgehog who is also an expert bowler.

16. This dog who was saved from an epic sneeze at the very last minute.

17. And this dog who just likes having her nose touched.

18. This prancing llama.

19. This rolling raccoon.

20. This dog who loves pizza more than anybody loves anything.

21. This cat who absolutely loves to nuzzle this man's neck.

22. This dog who could also be mayor.

23. This cheeky walrus.

24. This dog who is pretty terrible at taking selfies.

25. This dog who is probably the happiest little dog in the entire world.

26. This energetic little platypus.

27. This dog who clearly does not trust the driver of this car.

28. This pouncing beach mop.

29. This rabbit who is also Donald Trump.

30. This dog who is very unfazed by this attempt to frighten him.

31. And this dog who clearly cares about finals more than you.

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