28 Things Only Teenage White Girls Will Understand

    As told by me, a teenage white girl.

    1. Talking on the phone and putting makeup on and straightening your hair when you're trying to get ready to go to the mall.

    2. Losing your pony.

    3. Trying to buy expensive shoesssss.

    4. Looking super fresh with your cheetah leggings and pink Uggs on the school bus.

    5. Dancing.

    6. Getting lured into a teenage white girl trap.

    7. Falling in love with your gay best friend.

    8. Wanting this fresh giant Ugg boot for the corner of your bedroom to put under your Justin Bieber poster.

    9. Honoring the holy teenage white girl pentagram.

    10. Looking at your Facebook pics and they're basically all like this.

    11. Taking selfies in class with your Macbook Air.

    12. Taking pics of your Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino Blended Crème.

    13. Sleepinggggg.

    14. Duckfacing in a shopping cart hung up on a fence and looking cuteeee.

    15. Filling up your KFC bucket with Slurpees at the 7-Eleven.

    16. Getting ready for a hot date at the McDonald's.

    17. Letting your Uggs breatheeee.

    18. Bending over in front of your One Direction poster BECAUSE YOU JUST LOVE ZAYN SO MUCH.

    19. Getting your groove on.

    20. Making a music video with your bestiesss.

    21. Countinggg.

    22. Feeding your Justin Bieber poster because you know he gets hungry and lonely if you leave him for too long.

    23. Taking your temperature!!!

    24. Stopping Konyyyy.

    25. NOT listening to mom at the grocery store.

    26. Eating your entire fist.

    27. Taking selfies with grandma.

    28. And taking pics in the bathroom!!!!


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