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    Sep 23, 2015

    The Worst Types Of Roommates

    This week on Whine About It, a short video series where BuzzFeed writer Matt Bellassai gets drunk at work and complains. (Presented by BuzzFeed BFF.)

    If you've missed the the first 20 episodes, Whine About It is a short video series in which I, BuzzFeed writer and notorious work drunk Matt Bellassai, drink a bottle of wine at my desk and complain about a buncha dumb stuff.

    Matt Bellassai / BuzzFeed

    On this week's episode: "Types Of Roommates That Are The Worst"

    Matt Bellassai / BuzzFeed

    You can find new episodes of Whine About It every Wednesday on the BuzzFeed Matt Facebook page and Whine About It on Tumblr.

    Matt Bellassai / BuzzFeed


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