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28 Of The Wisest Lessons Gene Belcher Has Ever Taught The World

Truly the most inspirational character on television.

1. Always try to show everyone how little you care.

2. When in doubt, tell them outright.

3. Chase after the things you love.

4. Always understand the parts of you that make you unique.

5. Really just know your body inside and out.

6. Only wear the clothes you absolutely have to...

7. And don't wear anything you don't want to.

8. Always remind everybody of your strengths.

9. And don't let anybody tell you who you are but you.

10. Always take risks.

11. Be a top.

12. Never stop eating until you're truly full.

13. Sometimes you just have to complain.

14. When nobody's listening, shout louder.

15. Always ask the right questions.

16. Don't let anybody tell you you're saying it wrong.

17. Don't let society tell you how to enjoy your life.

18. Trust no one.

19. Don't let anybody do something you can do yourself.

20. Take things into your own hands.

21. Tell it like it is.

22. Sometimes you just gotta give up.

23. Never stop hoping that your man-crush is behind the one knocking at the door.

24. Judge everyone.

25. Especially your family.

26. Be confident in your passions.

27. Honor the one true artist.

28. And always — ALWAYS — dance your face off.