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The 21 Most WTF Moments From One Direction's Latest Music Video

I don't understand what's happening. But I love it.

21. When Zayn walks into an office dressed as a woman for some reason but he's actually super attractive.

20. When Louis is dressed as a hairy music producer and looks like this.

19. And when Niall is dressed as an old man and looks like this.

18. When Zayn bends over dressed as a woman and the other boys check out his ass.

Mhmm. Mhmm.

17. When Harry walks in looking like this.

16. When they show this picture of the boys as the Village People.

15. And this picture of the boys as half-naked men in tights.

*Actually the Ukrainian all-male dance group Kazaky.

14. When Niall rubs his fat stomach like this and Louis twerks next to him.

13. Then when Liam comes in as a super flamboyant dance instructor.

12. And dances like this.

11. When Harry brings his face erotically close to girl-Zayn and bites his lip all sexually.

10. And when they sensuously stare into one another's eyes.

9. When Zayn dances next to girl-Zayn who is flipping her hair like this.

8. When Harry screams like this for some reason.

7. When they dance like this.

Quality dance skills.

6. When girl-Zayn twirls and guy-Zayn looks at her ass.

5. When Louis just stands there singing in a monsoon of paperwork.

Louis what are you doing.

4. When they dance like this.

3. When Louis does these weird dance moves with hairy-Louis.

2. When Niall's face looks like this.

1. And, of course, when they shake their butts.

Watch the entire WTF music video here:

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