The 12 Most Ridiculous Lines From A 1932 Article Against Gay "Weddings"

    A recently uncovered Australian newspaper article showed gay couples were trying to celebrate marriage almost 80 years ago. But, um... the reviews were pretty bad.

    Published March 4, 1932, in the Australian tabloid The Arrow, the article described "wide open immorality among Brisbane perverts," i.e. gay guys trying to get married. Needless to say, every line was absolutely ridiculous:

    1. When they refer to weddings and ceremonies as quote-unquote "weddings" and "ceremonies."

    2. When they call the gay population "the pervert population" and Brisbane the headquarters for "hundreds of these queer semi-feminine men."

    3. When they call gay weddings "ghastly, horrifying spectacles" of "painted men and primping lads united in a sacrilegious blasphemy." Oh, and "orgies."

    4. When they're all surprised that super-gay Berlin isn't even as bad as the "sordid cult of male perversion" in Brisbane.

    5. When they call the ceremonies "grimly reminiscent of the worst features of decadent civilisations."

    6. When they call gay guys "painted men-dolls" who dance "round in a hideous circle," which is apparently reminiscent of "a nightmare of evil."

    7. When they claim the gays "initiated" a young lad at a wedding by dressing him in fancy clothes and then breaking out into an orgy.

    8. When they literally cannot believe this is happening.

    9. When they refer to gay guys as "allegedly men."

    10. When they get worried that a bunch of other gays are gonna swarm in from "the other States."

    11. When they say these "weddings" are the reason Brisbane was becoming the "most wicked city in the Commonwealth."

    12. And finally when they complain that it's just NOT FAIR and that the police should take action "SPEEDILY, PLEASE!"

    See the full article in all its ridiculousness here. (via Gay Star News, h/t Queerty)