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The Most Ridiculous And Fabulous Recreation Of Lady Gaga's Live "Applause" Performance

Please, don't try to be this fabulous on your own.

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YouTuber Jake Nodar decided it would be a great idea to recap Lady Gaga's VMA performance of "Applause" in his car...

Complete with cameos by his wonderfully-talented dog, Milton.

And costume changes.

And the final product is ridiculous and beautiful and perfect.

And probably kinda dangerous 'cause he is driving...

But it's beautiful, nonetheless.

The costume changes are on point.

As are Jake's amazing hair flips.

And, of course, Milton's deadpan depiction of Gaga herself.

Watch the entire behind-the-wheel performance here:

View this video on YouTube

(And, of course, resist the urge to recreate it on your own in a moving vehicle.)