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The Most Important Video Of King Joffrey Kissing A Puppy You Will Ever See

I can almost forgive him for being a horrible, horrible king. Because puppy.

This is Jack Gleeson a.k.a. King Joffrey from "Game Of Thrones" kissing an adorable puppy named Debbie.

LET ME REPEAT: This is King Joffrey, worst person on earth, enjoying a beautiful, touching, sloppy smooch with a PUPPY. NAMED. DEBBIE.

In conclusion, King Joffrey, demon child and royal pain in the ass, went ham because he got to share a life-changing kiss with a painfully adorable little pup named Debbie.

Here is the entire 6-second video, which you should watch over and over until you feel better about how much you hate Joffrey.

The end.

(GIFs via wonderful Tumblr user puffin-muffin).