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The 24 Most Important Guinea Pigs In The Entire World

Let's be honest with ourselves: Guinea pigs are the new cats of the Internet.

1. This guinea pig who might also be 2 Chainz.

2. This guinea pig who is literally indistinguishable from this plump squash.

3. This delightful baked and buttered guinea pig.

4. This guinea pig in a beautiful sombrero.

5. These guinea pigs learning how to swim.

6. This guinea pig who is momentarily stunned by his ability to defy gravity.

7. These hungry pigs racing to eat grass the fastest.

8. These ferocious dino guinea pigs.

9. This guinea pig who might have eaten a cherry or human flesh.

10. This totally chill pig in a hat and tee.

11. This handicapable little fluff of joy.

12. This fierce and honorable knight.

13. This beautifully hairsprayed star.

14. This guinea pig who doesn't have time for his haters.

15. This farmer guinea pig who is ready for a long fabulous day in the fields.

16. Thor, Guinea Pig Of Thunder.

17. This guinea pig who is so ticklish, he can't even stand the feeling of air on his little guinea pig face.

18. These guinea pigs enjoying a refreshing margarita by the pool.

19. This guinea pig who has hair more luscious and beautiful than almost every human.

20. This twerking guinea pig.

21. This lucky pig in a field of lush clovers.

22. This guinea pig who knows when to pucker up and smooch a nice man.

23. This guinea pig faithfully walking his best friend.

24. And this guinea pig who lives in a Nicolas CAGE.