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    The 14 Most Amazing Parts Of One Direction's Fabulous Magazine Cover

    One Direction graces a special set of Fabulous Magazine covers this week. And I can't handle any of it.

    1. The part where they're all sitting on the hood of a car looking hot in their little jean jackets and Americana gear.

    2. The part where Liam's arms looked like the trunk of a robust American tree, like those big ones that grow in California.

    3. The part where everybody was squinting because the sun was in their beautiful eyes.

    4. The part where Niall was wearing an American flag and squinting and touching his pockets like this.

    5. The part where Louis was leaning on his little arm and he was in his little jean jacket and his hair looked like this and everything was just too much.

    6. The part where they all stood in front of an American flag like this.

    7. The part where Zayn stared longingly at the side of Louis' face and you could just feel the passion, the love, the American lust between them.

    8. The part where Harry was standing off to the side just kind of existing and being beautiful and looking tan and wearing his little head bandana thing.

    9. The part where they were all squinting even harder than before.

    10. The part where Liam wore his jean vest with his collar popped and his muscles all rippled.

    11. The part where Zayn pondered why he was in plaid instead of denim.

    12. The part where Louis' face looked like this.

    13. The part where Niall sat on some steps and rubbed his pants.

    14. And the part where Harry was smiling on a bike and everything was beautiful and American and perfect.

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