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The 21 Most Adorable Adele Moments At The Grammys

Sure, she won a Grammy. But most importantly, she won my heart.

1. When she showed up on the red carpet all positive and spunky.

2. When she gave Rihanna a big bear Adele hug.

3. When she won her Grammy and you could literally see how excited she was from behind.

4. And then how she was all adorably excited from the front.

5. When she made this face.

6. And this one.

7. And this one especially.

8. When she struck this adorable pose.

9. When she adorably listened to whatever boring thing Keith Urban was talking about.

10. When Beyoncé knelt down to talk to her and she was soooo happy.

11. And then when Beyoncé whispered something into her ear and you could tell it was the greatest moment of her life.

12. And then when they took a picture together and you could literally see how hard she was trying to contain her inner fangirl.

13. When she adorably listened to Justin Timberlake say something.

14. And then when she posed with him and Jessica Biel.

15. When it looked like she was screaming at Chris Brown.

16. When she was like the only one in the whole crowd standing.

17. When she laughed all adorably like this.

18. And gave this cheeky grin.

19. And this hearty laugh.

20. Oh yeah... when she showed up in Mrs. Doubtfire's dress.

21. And when it didn't matter, because she's Adele and she's an adorable blooming British garden.