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The 25 Greatest Lines From "Orange Is The New Black" Season 2

"It's a metaphor, you potato with eyes!" WARNING: SEASON 2 SPOILERS APLENTY.

25. This inmate's beautiful conversational contribution:

24. Pennsatucky on her newfound dental confidence:

23. Daya on receiving her beautiful romantic gift:

22. Piper on her overwhelming hitman-related relief:

21. Piper's wonderfully crafted comeback:

20. Officer Fischer on the official rules of calling someone a babe:

19. Vee's 100% accurate summary of The Fault In Our Stars:

18. Officer Bennett on how far he'll go for love:

17. Morello on her favorite movie:

16. Caputo on the dispersion of the nuns:

15. This inmate's flawless grasp of pop culture:

14. Big Boo on the lesbian agenda:

13. Vee on being a strong, confident woman:

12. Black Cindy on proper airplane security:

11. Morello on the obvious hierarchy of romantic affection:

10. Larry's sauna confusion:

9. Suzanne on love:

8. Piper's penis-related rage:

7. Piper on stealing books:

6. Pennsatucky on men:

5. Poussey on the fine construction of female anatomy:

4. Black Cindy on her all-consuming obsession with Beyoncé's sex life:

3. Pennsatucky on brutally honest friendship:

2. Red on being "fierce":

1. And Pennsatucky's incredible grasp of figures of speech:

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