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The 32 Greatest Justin Timberlake Dance Moves Of All Time

If you can replicate every move, you are, by definition of '90s boy bandom, on the road to bringing sexy back.

1. The Wild Bleached Blonde Hip Shake

2. And The Bandana Hip Stir

3. The Tighty Whitey Shirt Shake

4. The *NSYNC Body Roll

5. The Look-I'm-In-A-Puddle Twirl

6. The Pow Pow Shimmy

7. The Shirt Popping Shuffle

8. The Sexy Backstep

9. The Don't-Look-Now-But-Madonna-Is-Behind-You Twist

10. The Totally-Not-Gay-In-This-Shirt Shuffle

11. The Circle Shake Head Bop

12. The Michael Jackson Crotch Thrust

13. And The Full-On Penis Quake

14. The Light-Changing Pelvic Thrust

15. The Look-At-How-Loose-My-90s-Pants-Are Step

16. The Beyoncé Body Sway

17. And The Jay-Z Fist Pump

18. The Come From Below Hip Whisk

19. The Any-Dance-Move-Looks-Good-If-I-Point-My-Toe-At-The-End Toe Point

20. The Knee Trembler

21. The Full-On Tight Shirt Twirl

22. The Heart Thumper

23. The Timberlake Tornado

24. The Booty Mounter

25. The Justin Jazz

26. The Nobody-Will-Remember-This-In-15-Years Arm Wobble

27. The Sass Monster Shoulder Twirl

28. The Beyoncé Diva Sway

29. The Inner Body Wave

30. The Bandana Bounce And Thrust

31. The Ultimate Pelvic Plunge

32. And, of course, The Single Lady Wave