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The Definitive Ranking Of One Direction Face Mash-Ups By Hotness

HINT: They're even more beautiful when you mash their faces together.

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LET'S CLARIFY RIGHT AWAY: Each member of One Direction is beautiful and perfect in his own way. BUT... What if we took their beauty and perfection and mashed them together to create new beautiful, perfect beasts? The definitive results:


8. Niall and Louis:

This monster looks like someone who'd fancy watching you while you sleep, but not in the gentle, charming way you'd expect. Like, creepy, heavy breathing from the corner of your bedroom or maybe from inside your half-open closet.

5. Louis and Harry:

He looks like someone who would help you do your makeup and carry your handbag and tell you which shoes go best with your outfit and you could talk about boys and have drinks and it would be beautiful.