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Mar 11, 2013

The Definitive Guide To Becoming The Fiercest, Freshest, Most Fabulous Bitch There Is

Get out a pen and take notes.

NEVER let other people's embarrassing mistakes stop you from being a fierce, fresh bitch.

ALWAYS come prepared for any and every situation.

BOOM. Ready for your enemy's funeral.

ALWAYS draw attention to yourself, no matter how gaudy or outlandish the move.

NEVER let other people throw you off your game.

ALWAYS take advantage of any opportunity to flaunt your fabulousness.

NEVER leave the house without looking your absolute VERY best.

ALWAYS show off what makes you fabulous.

NEVER let a plain bitch stop you from doing your thing.

ALWAYS be confident in your breathtaking moves.

NEVER, EVER give up, even when everyone and everything is against you.

ALWAYS know how incredible you really are.

NEVER forget that fabulousness can be inspired by pretty much anything.

...and pretty much anyone.

ALWAYS bring your A-game.

...and a pair of fierce running shoes to match your ferocious coat.

NEVER forget to tell a lesser bitch he's being a lesser bitch.

ALWAYS acknowledge how superior you are to every other thing.

NEVER acknowledge people who ogle at you.

ALWAYS imagine yourself as the subject of stardom.

NEVER think your look is "too big" or "too much."

And finally... Always, ALWAYS be confident in your own fine, fresh, fierce fabulousness.

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