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The Croatian World Cup Team Celebrated Losing To Brazil By Swimming Naked Together

God bless World Cup players.

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EXCEPT AFTER THE GAME... They went back to the pool at their resort, took off all their clothes, and celebrated their loss by totally swimming naked with one another like beautiful champions anyway.

Since the photos came out, the team issued a press boycott and is refusing to talk to World Cup reporters.

"How would you feel if someone took naked pictures of you?" Croatian coach Niko Kovac told reporters Sunday. "They are adamant that they won't speak to you lot anymore and I don't know whether the silence will end tomorrow or last until the end of our World Cup campaign."

And looks pretty perfect driving a car fully clothed.

Here are Dejan and Vedran looking beautiful on a beach while wearing clothes:

Here they all are, fully clothed, just hanging out in bed together like World Cup players do.

Here they are casually sitting around fully clothed in a cafeteria looking beautiful.