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    The 17 Creepiest Dogs You Meet On OkCupid


    1. The dog that's just way too forward way too fast.

    2. The dog that's oddly caught up in telling you about his weird talents.

    3. The "cool dog" who wants you to do something uncomfortable.

    4. The dog that seems a little caught up in his own interests.

    5. The dog that's clearly never been on a date or out into the world ever before.

    6. The overly confident but emotionally unstable bro dog.

    7. The dog that has a dark past.

    8. The dog that's overly obsessed with his own unsettling fetishes.

    9. The dog that tried something fun once and now he just can't stop thinking about it.

    10. The overly-protective-of-his-shitty-belongings dog.

    11. The dog that looks nice but is actually into some pretty weird shit.

    12. The dog that thinks it's funny to share every disgusting detail of his day-to-day life.

    13. The dog that is absolutely obsessed with his own shit.

    14. The dog who can't seem to shake some repressed memories.

    15. The confident and obsessive fashion "guru."

    16. The dog that's a little consumed with his own manliness.

    17. And the dog that clearly has no idea what's going on ever.