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The 36 Absolute Sexiest Moments From Beyoncé And Jay Z's Grammy Performance

Literally every moment from Jayoncé's "Drunk In Love" was perfect. NOTHING IS THE SAME.

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1. When Beyoncé appeared out of nowhere, in the midst of smoke, legs spread wide, and started swiveling in the sexiest throne ever to grace the Grammy stage.

2. When she threw back her head and revealed what her hair probably looks like in the middle of sex with Jay Z because that's exactly what this performance is all about.

5. When she looked like she was sitting in an empty office at sunset, stripped down to nothing, with only the sun between the shades to warm her naked skin.

36. And when they walked away, leaving us stunned, drained, emotional, crying, in need of a cigarette, a drink, anything to save us from the climactic rush of what we'd just witnessed.

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