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The 18 Best Seconds Of The 110-Second NSYNC Reunion

It was literally 110 seconds. And then they left.

1. When they rose from the stage and you could just barely see their shadows.

2. And then when they turned around and you could just see their shadows slightly better.

3. When they all started dancing together but it wasn't really together.

4. When Lance and JC were like, "HEY!"

5. And Joey and Chris were like, "HEY! WE'RE ALSO HERE."

6. Then when they kept kinda dancing with each other.

7. Then when they shimmied right then left.

8. When they all leaned with Justin.

9. Then ran to the left and posed.

10. Then jumped around some more.

11. Then did the "Bye, Bye, Bye" jump.

12. Then when they kinda just pumped around like this.

13. When they swayed like this.

14. Then did the "Bye, Bye, Bye" move one more time just for good measure.

15. And then they all stomped and Justin was like, "OK, guys that was fun, but it's over."

16. And then when he spread his arms and was like, "No, really. Guys, that was it."

17. Then when he turned around to the rest of NSYNC and was like, "Thanks, guys. It's over now," even though JC kept trying to sing.

18. And then Justin walked into the crowd and it was literally over. That was it.

Thank you, NSYNC, for your time.