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The 42 Best Moments Ever On "The Maury Show"

THE RESULTS ARE IN. You *ARE* the best show ever on daytime television.

1. When Delicious showed off her sexy look.

2. Whenever a teenage girl got a reaction like this.

3. When Nicole got worried about her sister.

4. When this celebratory dance happened.

5. Whenever this reveal happened...

6. ... And whenever this reaction followed.

7. Whenever anybody freaked out backstage.

8. When this woman got dramatic.

9. Whenever Maury was visibly uncomfortable with his own guests.

10. When this guy was *not* the father.

11. When this guy *was* the father.

12. Basically whenever anybody was or was not the father.

13. When this epic dance happened.

14. When Misty found a pair of size 2 panties.

15. When this lady wanted to sniff to confirm her suspicions.

16. When this question was posed.

17. Whenever the audience reacted to anything.

18. When this woman made this face.

19. When Thomas made this argument.

20. When this wonderful interaction happened.

21. When this guy did a flip because he was so happy.

22. Pretty much whenever any of these questions came on screen.

23. When Eric tried to take it back.

24. Whenever the guests were surprised by their own actions.

25. When this sequence happened.

26. Whenever anybody yelled at the big TV screens.

27. When this happened.

28. When Arica found an unexplainable tooth.

29. When whatever is happening here happened.

30. Whenever anybody was "2 billion percent" sure of anything.

31. When Holly defended her true love.

32. Whenever anybody got in someone else's face.

33. Whenever anybody screamed at someone in a different room.

34. When this happened.

35. Whenever the audience was just as entertaining as the guests.

36. When this question popped up out of nowhere.

37. When Crystal got fed up with her sexy mom.

38. When this woman was too sexy to handle.

39. When this girl admitted she idolizes Snooki.

40. Whenever anybody confronted their irrational fears.

41. Whenever a 16 year old said she wanted a baby.

42. And whenever Maury realized how ridiculous his own show was.

Subtitles are as they originally appeared on "The Maury Show." (h/t for creating and curating most of these wonderful GIFs.)