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7 Steps For Jumping On A Sleeping Pig According To This Excited Baby Goat

Pig-jumping is not for amateurs. Take it from this goat.

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Step 1: Find a good, robust sleeping pig. His belly should be round enough to slide off of.

Step 2: Jump from the ground onto the pig.

Step 3: Jump from the pig onto the ground.

Step 4: Jump from one side of the pig to the other side of the pig.


Step 5: Fall off the pig. He's a pig. He doesn't care if you fall. Just be careful.

Step 6: Jump all over that nasty pig. Right on top of him. He won't even notice you're there. Just go to town.

Step 7: Gently dismount from the pig and go about your otherwise wonderful life as an excited baby goat.

Great work. Don't forget to congratulate yourself on a pig-jumping job well done.

(via this video of a pygmy goat jumping on a big pig)