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19 Signs You Came To The Wrong Neighborhood

You found yourself in the wrong place, friend.

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1. You stumble upon this squad of angry, blood-thirsty thugs.

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2. You make direct eye contact with this chicken.

3. This goat charges directly at you, prodded by his merciless cronies.

4. This goat hits you not once, but twice, when you're at your most vulnerable.

5. This hoodlum steals what little food you have left.

6. This tiny criminal bites his much large sidekick, just to show you he means business.

7. This angry tortoise stares directly into your shivering soul.

8. This cat asks you why you're watching his friends have sex, you pervert.

9. These ducks start to launch an assault.

10. This pelican starts baring its teeth and screaming obscenities in your direction.

11. These cats cover your mouth with a piece of cloth.

12. This emu starts not into your eyes, but past them, straight into the part of your brain that registers fear.

13. These pigeon starts ripping into your tender skin.

14. This cat says something like, "You think you can just walk into my neighborhood? And touch my Skittles?"

15. This dog says something like, "You lost, friend? You looking for help, friend? Why don't you just turn around?"

16. This raccoon starts behaving erratically, you have no idea what he's gonna do next.

17. This dog hits you with a "take one more step and I'll rip out your throat."

18. This dog starts shaking, staring at you with the intensity and anger previously unknown to you.

19. And finally, this thug comes out of nowhere, looks you right in your face, and tells you to get the hell out.

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