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40 Shameless Reasons Tom Daley Is A Gift To Us All

The British diving star turns 19 today. So instead of giving him gifts, let's just celebrate his beautiful presence instead.

40. Because he is a beautiful angel sent from God above.

39. Because he can take his pants off mid-jump.

38. And do one-handed handstands on the beach.

37. Because he makes this precious face.

36. And has this adorable little cat.

35. And is basically just an adorable dweeb.

34. Because he's always wearing basically nothing.

33. Like for real.

32. Like for really real.

31. Because this.

30. And this.

29. Because he looks like a proper lad in a suit.

28. And not in a suit.

27. Because his adorable smile.

26. Like, so adorable.

25. Because all those times he stood under the shower at the Olympics.

24. Like, a lot of times.

23. He knew what he was doing.

22. He knew exactly what he was doing.

21. Because the camera always seemed to catch him at the right angle.

20. Because arms.

19. Because chest.

18. Because face.

17. Because he really works the diving Speedo.

16. And underwear.

15. Because sometimes he goes to the beach.

14. And poses like this.

13. And this.

12. And this.

11. Because even when he's wearing clothes he likes to act likes he's not.

10. Because he gets into uniform very efficiently.

Like, really efficiently.

9. Because he can dance.

8. And shimmy.

7. Because he looks good in water even when he's not in water.

6. Because he can do this.

5. Because he's a winner.

4. Because he's single.

3. And he loves you.

2. And he's precious.

1. And he's a beautiful, wonderful, blesséd gift from heaven.