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30 Reasons You Should Be Completely In Love With Aaron Tveit

God bless this Broadway beauty. In honor of Aaron's 30th birthday.

1. This is all-around beautiful and delightful man Aaron Tveit.

2. Aaron played handsome revolutionary Enjolras in 2012's Les Misérables...

3. And also he plays handsome revolutionary Aaron Tveit in real life, because he is a beautiful man sent from heaven to destroy our lives with his beauty and grace.

4. He's a Broadway star and has the voice of a million tiny angels.

5. And also he stars in USA's Graceland, where he and his beefy arms lean over tall buildings and look striking and handsome and beautiful.

6. His hair is literally always perfect and looks like it was weaved by tiny beautiful hair seamstresses.

7. It's literally the definition of beautiful hair.

8. Like, he could whip this hair into my face, give me a concussion with the sheer strength of his blonde locks, and I would still be in love with him.

9. *combusts into a ball of hot, steamy flames*

10. Anyway, he looks perfect with glasses and scruff.

11. And with no glasses and scruff.

12. He looks like a beautiful angel standing next to fellow beautiful angel Eddie Redmayne.

13. And while sitting on a couch, tending a wound to the abs.

14. And while standing on a beach in tiny shorts and playing with a dog.

15. And while laughing.

16. And basically just existing in any capacity.

17. He can put on a wrinkly shirt and still look perfect.

18. And he can put on a suit and tie and look even more perfect.

19. He makes adorable faces.

20. Like, painful, punch-me-in-the-face-because-you're-so-beautiful faces.

21. His hair is its own splendid life form and, if it were it's own being, I would be madly in love with it.

22. Basically, this is what he looks like staring at himself shirtless in the mirror.

23. This is what he would look like as a felon.


24. This is what he looks like attacking a harmless microphone.

25. And this is what he looks like walking away from you in tight pants.

26. He has the face of a god.

27. He looks like this while breathing heavily on stage in only his boxers.

28. And basically he is a gorgeous, beautiful man.

29. And he's even surprised by how gorgeous and beautiful he is.

30. And, in conclusion, here he is gloriously shaking and slapping his own butt on stage, proving that everything is perfect and nothing is wrong in this world.