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21 Reasons To Be Thankful For The Blessed Gift That Is Harry Styles

Our beautiful prince is finally 21. Let us rejoice and be glad.

1. First of all, there are his beautiful, luscious curls, the source of all his power, through which he runs his ring-filled fingers with great purpose and sensuality.

2. There is every ravishing flip.

Every wind-filled whip.

Every exquisite, graceful, magnificent dangling strand.

3. Then, of course, there is his impeccable, stripe-filled wardrobe.

4. There is every ridiculous, loud, bewitching shirt he's ever wrapped around his beautiful chest.

5. There's every hat he's elegantly placed like a crown atop his head.

6. There's the time he graced Duchess Kate's lesser presence with his royal handshake.

7. There is every stunning facial expression.

8. Every awe-inspiring crotch grab.

9. And every enlightened, totally-adult dance move.

10. There's his entire elfish, princely presence.

11. His entire refined, cultured way of being in this world.

12. There's the time he walked out in a Michael Sam jersey like a beautiful hero.

13. There's every time he's acknowledged the presence of our Lord and Savior Beysus Christ and bowed down before Her.

14. Every time he's displayed his glorious sass.

15. Every beautiful, majestic, ass-filled moment.

16. There is his irresistible, loving charm.

17. The way he ever-so-gently cradles a puppy, with a pink-feathered boa wrapped so naturally around his beautiful neck.

18. There is every glamorous twirl.

19. His appreciation of fine art.

20. There is his beautiful no-fucks-given attitude.

21. And his entire wonderful, glorious, perfect, heavenly, fabulous existence.