28 Reasons Selina Meyer Is The Leader America Needs Right Now

    She's the leader we need and the leader we deserve.

    1. First of all, Selina knows how to get America's attention.

    2. She knows what problems we're facing and pretty much exactly how to solve them.

    3. She knows that people are basically the greatest threat to America.

    4. And she knows how to deal with those people.

    5. She knows who really matters in the White House.

    6. And she knows how to get people to fucking respect her.

    7. She knows how to take charge and give direct orders.

    8. She knows exactly when to ask the right questions.

    9. And when to push people to get to the fucking point.

    10. She knows when to clean up her act.

    11. She knows what she needs to keep her motivated.

    12. She's poised and eloquent with foreign dignitaries.

    13. She understands that the root of all problems is dick.

    14. And she has what it takes to fight that problem.

    15. She is direct.

    16. And decisive.

    17. And she knows what just isn't gonna work.

    18. She can perfectly emphasize an important message.

    19. She knows exactly how to command the people that work for her.

    20. She has the perfect reaction to almost any problem.

    21. She prays.

    22. She's confident in all things.

    23. She knows how to give a motherfucking speech.

    24. She gives beautiful, uplifting advice.

    25. She believes in the good ol' U. S. of A.

    26. And basically she is perfect...

    27. And in charge...

    28. And the leader our country deserves.