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    24 Reasons Norm The Pug Is The Coolest Pug You Will Ever Meet In Your Life

    Move over, all other pugs. Norm is here.

    1. Because Norm the pug is better at taking selfies than any other pug.

    2. Because he's better at dramatic yearbook photos than any other pug.

    3. Because he has a grumpy face that rivals all other grumpy pug faces.

    4. Because he can do a mean load of laundry.

    5. Because he can stand majestically beneath a waterfall better than any other pug.

    6. And look ponderously beneath a bed of beautiful white flowers.

    7. Because his facial hair game is strong.

    8. And he's potty-trained.

    9. Because even his cone-head selifes are better than other pugs' selfies.

    10. Because his sass game is rock solid.

    11. Because he looks super adorable wishing you a happy birthday.

    12. Because he doesn't even care about your rules.

    13. Because he can actually pull off duck-face.

    14. Because he looks better in hipster glasses than any other pug.

    15. Because he's artsy and other pugs wouldn't even understand.

    16. Because he's a dapper gentleman.

    17. Because he can enjoy a nice day at the beach with more attitude than any other pug.

    18. Because his hide-and-go-seek game is without match.


    20. Because he can rock this sombrero with more attitude than any other pug.

    21. Because he is a cow.

    22. Because he doesn't care how dainty flowers make him look, he's a man and he knows it.

    23. Because he can pull off this bread mask better than any other pug.

    24. And because he's basically the most majestic, coolest pug on this entire planet.

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