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26 Reasons Honey Boo Boo Is Still A National Treasure

We might as well get it over with and just elect her president right away.

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1. First of all, she answers the phone like the true diva she is.

2. She's practically a great master of modern technology.

3. She knows that chicken nuggets are the one true life priority.

4. She knows no man is gonna tell her how to run her life.

5. She focuses her life on the one true pursuit of happiness.

6. Her confidence is unmatched by any human on earth.

7. She does basically whatever she wants, like a true queen.

8. She knows when she needs to turn it up.

9. She knows how to wage her true strengths.

10. She sees beauty in everything...

11. But especially herself.

12. She is a lover of animals.

13. She understands that her right to stay in bed must be defended at all costs.

14. She has a flawless grasp of the English language.

15. She is unshakably fierce.

16. And she has people around her to keep her at the top.

17. She is a champion in almost every single way.

18. And she will probably beat us all one day.

19. She is the ultimate master of disguise.


20. She understands the one true enemy.

21. And is willing to fight against it on behalf of us all.

22. She truly understands the intricacies of human life.

23. She is a champion of practicality.

24. Her cultural knowledge is expansive.

25. She is a truly flawless queen.

26. And she will take over the world some day.

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