Olympic Booty Appreciation

British butts, Aussie butts, big butts, small butts. This is what the Olympics are all about.

1. Press Play & Scroll

2. Butts.

British divers Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield.

5. Definitely a butt.

8. Upside down butt.

9. From above butt.

12. Closer look butt.

13. Butt Butt Butt.

14. Body roll butt.

British diver Chris Mears.

15. Great British Butt.

16. Hugging butts.

17. Butt.

American diver Kristian Ipsen.

18. Best friend butts.

American divers Nick McCrory and David Boudia.

20. Rubbing Butts.

21. Butt.

American gymnast Danell Leyva

23. Soaring butt.

26. Seriously Butt.

27. Thrusting Butt.

28. Butt.

American gymnast Sam Mikulak.

30. Butt.

American gymnast Jake Dalton.

32. Intense Butt.

36. Spinning Butt.

37. Twisting Butt.

38. Butt.

Japanese gymnast Kazuhito Tanaka.

39. Michael Phelps Butt.

40. Peeking Out Butt.

41. Diving Butt.

42. Don’t Look Behind You, But… Butts.

43. Huddle Butts.

44. Butt.

American swimmer Nathan Adrian.

45. Even Though You’re Squeeze Into Swimming Shorts We Still See You Butts

46. Aussie Swimmer Butt.

Australian Swimmer James Magnussen.

47. Side Butt.

48. So Many Butts.

Australian water polo team.

49. Blocking Butts.

50. Wedgie Butt.

52. Short Shorts Butt.

German gymnast Marcel Nguyen.

54. Stretching Butt.

American swimmer Ryan Lochte.

55. Laughing Butt.

56. Side Butt.

57. Why Are You Doing This To Me Butt.

Australian diver Matthew Mitcham.

60. In 2016, Butts Will Be Their Own Olympic Event.

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