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    The 31 Most WTF Pictures Of Dogs Being Dogs

    What are dogs even?

    1. This chill dog riding a motorcycle and wearing a fabulous scarf and upside-down glasses.

    2. This tiny dog who might also be the pope of dogs.

    3. This surprised dog who is actually not a dog at all but is, in fact, a rabbit.

    4. This dog who is suspiciously alarmed by this french fry.

    5. This dog who is tripping out.

    6. These dogs engaged in a very serious game of cards and also that one dog in a fedora.

    7. This mom dog taking her kid dogs out for a walk in the park.

    8. This dog who appears to have vandalized the local department store.

    9. This dog who paid this turtle for the ride of his life.

    10. This dog whose face looks like this.

    11. This dog who's under the horrific pressure of being both a teenage high school student AND a wolf.

    12. This guy who can fit like a lot of balls in his mouth.

    13. This dog who is also a wall.

    14. This dog who might actually need some help, to be honest.

    15. This young lady who is dressed a little too fancy for the sorority party she's going to.

    16. This dog who somehow got on top of this other dog without the other dog freaking out.


    17. This dog who's thick luscious hair looks like this.

    18. This guy stuck in a box of delicious chocolate cereal.

    19. These dogs in wonderful matching blue overalls.

    20. These dogs who are also a delicious junk food meal.

    21. Aron the pug, who's digging "an very important hole."

    22. This punk dog who has probably the punkest hair every worn by a dog.

    23. This gay dog wearing some fabulous clip-on hoops.

    24. This dog who is also a qualified heart surgeon.

    25. This dog who's being shamed by this bully dog.

    26. This dog who's not actually a stripper but a respectable international swimsuit model.

    27. This dog dancing sensuously with this orange tennis ball.

    28. This dog making a responsible deposit into her bank account.

    29. This dog who is SHOCKED by this delicious piece of cake.

    30. This dog undertaking some very serious supermarket superhero duties.

    31. And this dog who's almost certainly hiding a deep, dark, terrifying secret.

    And you will never, EVER know what it is.

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