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Meet The 96-Year-Old Man Who Wrote The Most Touching Song For The Love Of His Life

Get ready to bawl your eyes out.

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Meet 96-year-old sweetheart Fred Stobaugh, a resident from East Peoria, Ill.

Earlier this summer, a small studio in town held a singer-songwriter contest to identify local talent...

And Fred decided to submit his own original song.

The song, "Oh Sweet Lorraine," was an original tribute to his wife of 73 years.

The couple met at a local root beer stand, where Lorraine worked as a car hop, in 1938.

And they married two years later.

June 26 would have been their 73th wedding anniversary... and 75th year together.

"It was a wonderful 75 years... kinda unreal," Fred said. "But it was real, that's all I can say. It was real."

"After she passed away, I was just setting in the front room one evening by myself," Fred says of writing the song. "It just came right to me almost, I just kept humming it... it seemed like it just fit her."

Even though Fred's entry didn't technically qualify for Green Show Studio's contest, they decided to work with him anyway because they were so touched by his story...

So the studio recorded the song with professionals, entirely for free.

And the final product brought Fred to tears...

Watch Fred's entire tear-jerking story here:

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