Max And Charlie Carver Are Basically The Hottest Twins On TV

    There's TWO of them, so that's like double hot.

    This is Max and Charlie Carver.

    You might recognize them as Preston and Porter Scavo, Lynette's troublemaking twins on Desperate Housewives.

    But you also might recognize them as alpha twins Aiden and Ethan on Teen Wolf...

    Where they play basically the hottest twins on television.

    They pretty much just walk around actin' all alpha.

    And, of course, they take off their shirts in smoky warehouses.

    And look all aggressive without shirts on.

    And just kind of sway without shirts on.

    They like to do stuff together, like wear nice suits.

    And walk around in matching red jackets.

    And share the same beautiful face.

    They also like gettin' swole together.

    Like, just a lot of time together at the gym.

    'Cause, like, you're not gonna take your shirt off on Teen Wolf without doing sit-ups together first.

    They also like taking mirror selfies together.

    And other selfies.

    Of course, they're able to do stuff apart.

    And they were actually born seven minutes apart, before and after midnight, so they have two different birthdays, which is weird.

    But basically they're just adorable.

    And very pretty.

    And they look nice wrapped in the American flag.

    And they're super cute and adorable together.

    And they're definitely the hottest twins on television right now, hands down.

    So God bless their mother's fertile womb.