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19 Kids Who Clearly Should Have Been An Only Child

Not having any of your sibling bullshit today.

1. This kid who just can't deal with this mocking tongue during every car ride.

2. This kid who wasn't prepared to be in a constant state of defense.

3. This kid who has no intention of ever sharing the stage.

4. And this kid who didn't want to share any of the backyard.

5. This kid who wasn't prepared for driving with a passenger.

6. This kid who obviously wasn't ready to share a pool.

7. This girl who clearly needed the space to learn how to ride her bike.

8. This kid who wasn't prepared to deal with his annoying siblings at his birthday party.

9. This girl who clearly wanted a pony instead of a brother.

10. This kid who TOLD everybody he would have been FAR better off without having to share EVERYTHING.

11. And this kid, who's absolutely ready to do something about it.

12. This kid who clearly wasn't ready to assert his older-sibling dominance.

13. This girl who wasn't ready to share her fame.

14. This kid who knew exactly what he was doing in this situation.

15. This boy who wasn't ready to bear any of this weight.

16. This kid who wasn't ready for the pressure of sharing his slide.

17. This kid who decided to just take matters into his own hands.

18. This baby that might now be in jail.

19. And Chloe...who was obviously not ready for her sister's dramatics.