In Appreciation Of Henry Cavill’s Beautiful Eyebrows

Yo, Superman is actually pretty sexy from the neck up.

1. In case you forgot because you were sent into a sexiness-induced coma, this is Henry Cavill.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

2. And on the off chance you haven’t noticed…

3. He’s the owner of a fine pair of manbrows.

4. They are rugged and robust, befitting a man of steel.

5. They are capable of superhero-like feats of manliness.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

6. And they’re bushy and brawny and they could probably keep you warm at night.

Max Morse / Getty Images

7. They dance across his face like fire.


8. Like sexy caterpillars squirming sensually across his stern, rock-like brow.


9. Rising and falling with the passions of his beautifully-carved face.


10. Writhing with such spirit, such vigor.


11. They’re probably the most underrated superpower of any superhero ever.


12. They’re beautiful and fuzzy and luxuriant.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

13. And basically they belong in a museum with the rest of Henry Cavill.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

14. That is all.

(Inspired by this beautiful GIF set by Tumblr user pamivy.)

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