33 Reasons Fabio Fognini Is Officially The Hottest Tennis Player To Grace The Earth

Wimbledon might be over, but my love for Fabio is never ending.

1. First of all — and this is extremely important — Fabio’s name is Fabio.

Jordan Mansfield / Getty Images

2. He is a 27-year-old tennis player and currently the number 15 ranked player in the world and number one ranked player in Italy, his home country.

Julian Finney / Getty Images

3. Most importantly, however, Fabio is ranked number one in the category known as Hottest Tennis Players To Ever Bless The World With Their Beautiful Existence.

4. Basically, Fabio is a flawless Italian specimen whose life off the court involves reading while being naked in bed…

5. Chilling on a table with his thighs out…

6. Catching lizards on the beach while wearing a little tiny speedo…

7. And generally being adorable and Italian and perfect.

8. This month, he took out his butt for Cosmopolitan magazine to raise awareness for male cancer, which means he’s not only hot but he’s hot FOR A CAUSE.

Attached my photo for @CosmopolitanUK to raise awareness of male cancer #ATP

— Fabio Fognini (@fabiofogna)

9. He’s also very fond of showing his butt in tiny yellow tennis underwear.

10. And showing his butt in adorable Chip & Dale underwear.

11. In addition to getting naked for good causes, Fabio enjoys sitting around in sweats, chilling in his hottness.

12. He also enjoys adorably blowing out candles.

13. Adorably eating giant sundaes.

14. Adorably eating marshmallows out of other guys’ hands.

15. And adorably shaving in the shower while someone takes his picture.

16. He has a flawless I-woke-up-like-this face.

17. He’s great at showing everybody his abs even when he doesn’t have to.

18. And also bringing a generally flawfree eyebrow and smile and cheek game.

Dennis Grombkowski / Getty Images

19. His skills also include modeling shirtless in a towel.

20. Modeling shirtless on a couch.

21. Modeling shirtless in this sprinkler thing.

Vince Caligiuri / Getty Images

22. Modeling shirtless in this sprinkler thing while standing up.

Vince Caligiuri / Getty Images

23. Taking shirtless hot tub breaks.

24. Shirtlessly throwing his shirt at people.

Mario Laporta/AFP

25. And generally being adorbale and naked and fun but also naked.

26. Even when he’s not shirtlessly doing anything, he still looks perfect just chilling on the couch and blessing the air around him with his existence.

27. He’s blessed this dolphin with the ride of its life.

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

28. He’s blessed this trophy with his sensuous Italian lips.

29. He’s blessed this water bottle with his gaping mouth and tongue.

AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko

30. And he’s blessed every inch of this tennis racket.

PETER PARKS/AFP / Getty Images

31. Basically, he is a fine Italian tennis god who looks great doing everything and also he’s really nice and funny and will probably be your friend.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

32. He is the epitome of grace and beauty and statuesque Italian godliness.

Dennis Grombkowski / Getty Images

33. And he is, without question, the hottest tennis player ever to grace our sweet, green earth.

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