How Lazy Are You Actually?

Only take this quiz if you are in bed.

    1. Hit the snooze button more than three times consecutively?
    2. Hit the snooze button for more than two hours consecutively?
    3. Kicked something under the fridge because you didn’t want to bend down and pick it up?
    4. Called the dog over to eat food you dropped instead of picking it up?
    5. Taken a cab somewhere you could have walked to in less than 5 minutes?
    6. Cancelled plans to stay in bed?
    7. Eaten something cold because you didn’t want to microwave it?
    8. Slept with the lights on instead of getting up to turn them off?
    9. Watched a TV show you didn’t want to watch because the remote was out of reach?
    10. Held your pee for an uncomfortable amount of time instead of actually getting up and peeing?
    11. Eaten from a dirty dish instead of actually washing the dishes?
    12. Drank directly out of a juice carton instead of dirtying a single cup?
    13. Eaten an entire meal from a single paper towel instead of dirtying a plate?
    14. Built a pile of dirty dishes in your bedroom instead of bringing them to the sink?
    15. Washed a single dish in the bathroom sink instead of washing all the dishes piled in the kitchen?
    16. Transferred items between your bed and a chair instead of putting it all away?
    17. Thrown away a good container because you didn’t feel like emptying it and washing it?
    18. Eaten a full meal lying down?
    19. Laid on a couch for longer than 12 hours without getting up?
    20. Laid on a couch for longer than 24 hours without getting up?
    21. Stretched uncomfortably for something a distance from your bed and then given up because it’s too far and you didn’t want to get up?
    22. Texted someone in another room to bring you something instead of getting it yourself?
    23. Texted someone to come give you something that is literally just beyond your reach?
    24. Slept with contacts in because you were too lazy to take them out?
    25. Bought new underwear instead of actually doing laundry?
    26. Stayed in a bath towel for more than two hours after showering?
    27. Lived out of a bag of laundry instead of folding everything and putting it away?
    28. Gone a month without making your bed?
    29. Shoved a bunch of crumpled clothes into a drawer instead of actually folding them?
    30. Let your phone or laptop die because you didn’t feel like getting up for the charger?
    31. Bought plastic utensils instead of washing the utensils you actually have?
    32. Taken an elevator one floor?
    33. Gone out of your way to take an escalator instead of stairs?
    34. Ordered food more than five times in one week?
    35. Bought an item of clothing that didn’t fit because you didn’t feel like trying it on?
    36. Slept in your bed without sheets because you didn’t put the clean sheets back on?
    37. Downloaded a movie instead of actually getting up to find the copy you already own?
    38. Stopped reading something more than halfway through because you just didn’t feel like finishing?
    39. Tried to get a cat or dog to bring you something instead of getting up?
    40. Called in sick because you just wanted to sleep more?
    41. Worn a pair of underwear inside-out instead of doing laundry?
    42. Ordered food to the gym?
    43. Gone three months without intentionally exercising?
    44. Sprayed a dirty item of clothing with air freshener instead of doing laundry?
    45. Thrown something at the light switch in an attempt to turn it on instead of getting up?
    46. Sat in hunger for an uncomfortable amount of time instead of getting up for food?
    47. Eaten ice cream directly from the container?
    48. Eaten Nutella directly from the container?
    49. Used your stomach as a plate (or cup)?
    50. Spent literally the entire day in bed?
    51. Stayed on the toilet long after you’ve finished pooping because you didn’t feel like wiping yet?
    52. Spent more than 48 consecutive hours in the same underwear?
    53. Spent more than 48 consecutive hours in the same sweatpants?
    54. Used a shirt as a napkin?
    55. Used a sock as a napkin?
    56. Slept with a dirty plate of food instead of bringing it to the kitchen?
    57. Eaten dinner without any clothes on?
    58. Used the last bit of toothpaste for over a month instead of buying a new tube?
    59. Spilled something and left the sun to dry it?
    60. Used the rotating disc of the microwave as a plate instead of dirtying an actual plate?
    61. Shaved while pooping?
    62. Blow dried your hair while pooping?
    63. Lived out of a suitcase after traveling instead of putting your clothes away?
    64. Drank from the same cup for more than two weeks without washing it?
    65. Chewed gum instead of brushing your teeth?
    66. Used the condensation from your drink instead of actually washing your sticky hands?
    67. Used the same bath towel for more than a month without washing it?
    68. Gone three consecutive days without showering?
    69. Transferred the same set of batteries between multiple devices instead of buying more?
    70. Used your fingers to eat food from a jar?
    71. Peed into a receptacle other than a toilet instead of getting up to use the actual toilet?
    72. Used the same empty snack bag as a garbage bin for multiple days in a row?
    73. Used air freshener instead of applying deodorant?
    74. Worn a hat instead of actually washing your hair?
    75. Stayed on a public toilet long enough for the automatic lights to shut off?
    76. Used a napkin from the garbage because it was the closest option?
    77. Used a piece of food as a means of scooping up other food you dropped on yourself?
    78. Dressed yourself entirely with clothes from your bedroom floor?
    79. Not answered the phone because it wasn’t immediately within reach?
    80. Tried to cram your foot into a tied shoe instead of untying it and tying it again?
    81. Worn a bathing suit as underwear instead of doing laundry?
    82. Used soap as shampoo instead of buying more shampoo?
    83. Used shampoo as soap instead of buying more soap?
    84. Used a dog’s tongue to clean your hands instead of actually washing your hands?
    85. Blown your nose in anything other than a tissue because tissues were out of reach?
    86. Peed in the shower more than once per shower?
    87. Spilled food and pretended not to notice until someone else cleans it up?
    88. Wiped your hands on bedsheets because napkins were out of reach?
    89. Not washed your legs in the shower because you didn’t want to bend?
    90. Created a mountain of trash towering above the garbage bin instead of actually taking out the trash?
    91. Used a pizza box as a plate for pizza?
    92. Used a pizza box as a plate for any food besides pizza?
    93. Attempted to use your hands as utensils instead of getting up to get utensils?
    94. Used clap-on clap-off lights?
    95. Tried to skip to the good part of a 30-second video?
    96. Worn the same shirt for three days in a row because nobody important saw you in it?
    97. Used Kleenex as toilet paper instead of buying more toilet paper?
    98. Ordered takeout for the containers instead of actually washing dishes to eat off of?
    99. Drank from a bowl because you had no clean cups?
    100. Thrown something at the garbage, missed, and then left it instead of getting up to actually put it in the garbage?

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