How Intense Is Your Crush?

Are you just a little obsessed or a complete, certified stalker?

    1. 1 Do you have a crush and kinda like them?
    2. 2 Do you have a crush and kinda REALLY like them?
    3. 3 Do you have a pet name for them?
    4. 4 Have you ever made up a couple’s name for the two of you and never spoken it aloud to anybody?
    5. 5 Have you seen every single Instagram picture they’ve ever uploaded?
    6. 6 Have you seen every single Instagram picture OTHER PEOPLE have uploaded of them?
    7. 7 Have you been through every single one of their Facebook albums?
    8. 8 Have you ever accidentally liked an old photo of them and gone through at least ten violent stages of grief and despair within seconds of doing so?
    9. 9 Have you tried desperately to find their old Myspace page?
    10. 10 Have you Googled their name?
    11. 11 Have you Google image searched their name?
    12. 12 Have you gone through the first five pages of their Google results?
    13. 13 Have you gone through the first TEN pages of their Google results?
    14. 14 Have you made your phone background a picture of them?
    15. 15 Have you made your computer wallpaper a picture of them?
    16. 16 Do you have a photoshopped picture of the two of you together?
    17. 17 Have you printed a physical picture of them and carried it around?
    18. 18 Is there a physical picture of them hanging somewhere in your bedroom?
    19. 19 Is there a physical picture of them nestled beneath your pillow?
    20. 20 Is there a physical picture of them tucked inside an item of your clothing, pressing delicately against your skin?
    21. 21 Have you ever caressed a picture of them?
    22. 22 Have you ever made out with a picture of them?
    23. 23 Have you ever waited to upload a picture of yourself until you were absolutely sure they would see it?
    24. 24 Have you ever written about them in a journal?
    25. 25 Do you have their phone number?
    26. 26 Did you get their phone number secretly, without their knowledge?
    27. 27 Have you replied way too quickly to a text they’ve sent you?
    28. 28 Do you have a creepy number of emojis surrounding their name in your phone?
    29. 29 Have you ever stared longingly at your phone waiting for them to text you back while your heart raced out of your chest?
    30. 30 Have you ever accidentally posted their name to Facebook because you thought you were searching for them?
    31. 31 Have you ever changed your schedule so you could run into them “randomly” in public?
    32. 32 Have you cancelled plans so you could “randomly” be online at the same time?
    33. 33 Have you ever gone somewhere solely because you knew they would be there?
    34. 34 Have you thought about what they look like naked?
    35. 35 Have you ever had a dream about them?
    36. 36 Have you ever had a sex dream about them?
    37. 37 Have you ever tried falling asleep thinking about them with the goal of having a dream about them?
    38. 38 Do you know their parents’ names?
    39. 39 Have you thought about whether their parents would make good in-laws?
    40. 40 Have you thought about how they would meet YOUR parents?
    41. 41 Have you actually thought about how your first name would sound with their last name, or vice versa?
    42. 42 Have you thought about where your wedding would be?
    43. 43 Have you thought about where your honeymoon would be?
    44. 44 Have you picked out where you two will live for the rest of your life together?
    45. 45 Have you ever written your names together on some public fixture?
    46. 46 Have you ever stared at them for so long you actually forgot where you were?
    47. 47 Have you ever had to sit down because the thought of them literally took your breath away?
    48. 48 Have you ever drank from a bottle they drank from just to share their spit?
    49. 49 Have you gotten into imaginary fights with them and resolved it without any of it actually happening in real life?
    50. 50 Have you ever traveled WAY TOO FAR out of your way just to be near them?
    51. 51 Have you tried to befriend their friends in order to get closer to them?
    52. 52 Have you ever watched a movie or TV show you didn’t like just because they happened to like it?
    53. 53 Have you ever posted about that movie or TV show online in the hopes that they would notice your mutual interests and fall madly in love with you?
    54. 54 Do you have a tattoo of them somewhere on your body?
    55. 55 Have you ever THOUGHT about getting a tattoo of them somewhere on your body?
    56. 56 Have you ever dropped something around them just to watch them pick it up?
    57. 57 Have you ever stopped breathing around them?
    58. 58 Have you ever stood taller around them?
    59. 59 Have you ever sucked your stomach in around them?
    60. 60 Have you ever taken a different way home just to walk by where they live?
    61. 61 Have you ever stood outside where they live and tried to stare inside their windows?
    62. 62 Do they literally have a restraining order against you?
    63. 63 Have you ever pretended not to know as much as you do, so you don’t sound like a complete creep?
    64. 64 Have you ever called their phone just to hear them say hello and then hung up?
    65. 65 Have you ever smelled them when they weren’t looking?
    66. 66 Have you ever stolen a piece of their clothing so you had something to smell when they weren’t there?
    67. 67 Have you ever held a pillow and pretended the pillow was them?
    68. 68 Have you ever had a body pillow custom made with their image so you can pretend to actually cuddle with the real thing?
    69. 69 Have you ever “accidentally” bumped into them just to feel a brief second of beautiful contact?
    70. 70 Have you ever tried to lick them without them noticing?
    71. 71 Have you ever tried to caress their hair without them noticing?
    72. 72 Have you ever bought their soap just so you could smell like them?
    73. 73 Have you ever said, out loud, to your friends that you were “obsessed” with your crush?
    74. 74 Have you ever let out a guttural scream because you’re so obsessed with them?
    75. 75 Have you ever actually had to say, “No. Don’t worry. It’s totally healthy and normal and I’m definitely not a stalker.”?

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