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Here's Henry Cavill Working Out Shirtless And Becoming A Real Life Man Of Steel

God bless Superman and his big, beautiful muscles.

So real-life Superman Henry Cavill had to get super jacked for "Man of Steel," because Superman is SUPER JACKED, DUH.

And his beautiful muscles didn't just grow out of nowhere.

But fortunately the National Guard put out this wonderful video of Henry gettin' swole.

He got to jump over this weight like a frog while not wearing a shirt.

And drag this wheelbarrow full of stuff while not wearing a shirt.

And lift things with his big, beautiful man arms.

He got to sit on a bench and clench his stomach while bursting out of his shirt.

And lift more stuff while wearing a shirt, but honestly, the shirt is probably just getting in the way here; I don't know what he was thinking.

He got to climb fences.

And basically just stand around while people admired him.

There was lots of shirtless lifting.

Just basically endless shirtless lifting.

And again with the shirt...

But it doesn't matter because Superman is still jacked and beautiful.

Enjoy the whole glorious video.

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