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Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on Sep 12, 2013

23 Goats Who Cannot Believe They're Really Goats

"Can you believe this?" —these goats

1. This goat who can't believe he gets to spend his day jumping on this bed and not having responsibilities.

2. This goat who physically cannot handle the information that she is a goat and doesn't have to follow any rules.

3. This long-horned goat who really wants this ice to understand that he is a goat and therefore can do whatever the hell he pleases.

4. This super happy little goat.

5. And this even more super happy little goat.

6. These goats who can't believe that they've been jumping around for the past seven hours and nobody gets to tell them to stop.

7. This goat who's just really pleased with her ability to jump on this tiny stump.

8. This goat again because she's just really really excited to be doing goat things.

9. This goat who can't believe that someone would try to fence him anywhere because he's a goat and he does what he wants.

10. This guy who wants these other goats to know he seriously cannot believe he is a goat.

11. This goat who desperately wants this reporter to understand how good he has it.

12. And this goat who doesn't understand why this child isn't as excited as she is about being a goat.

13. This goat who cannot contain the excitement she feels about being a goat in this situation.


15. This goat who literally cannot believe that he is a goat and can wag his tongue like this and nobody can tell him to put it back in his mouth.

16. This goat who doesn't understand why this cat is so angry because frankly they both have it pretty great.


18. And ALL OF THESE GOATS that want this man to know how happy they ALL ARE.

19. This goat who wants to SCREAM about how much he cannot believe that he is literally a goat and doesn't have any worries in his life.

20. These goats who aggressively want this little girl to understand how good they have it.

21. All of these super happy goats.

22. This smiling goat who just can't handle how great his life is right now.

Sunshine @ Piebird Farm Sanctuary / Vegan Farmstay / Via

23. And this baby goat with a little bow on her head who can't believe that she is a goat and gets to live her life being adorable and a goat.

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