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    31 Iconic Moments From The Beginning Of One Direction

    It's been FOUR YEARS since One Direction started on the X Factor. FOUR YEARS.

    1. When each of their tiny baby faces auditioned for the X Factor UK with no idea they would become the sensation they are today.

    2. And, in particular, when Harry Styles made this very important squirrelly audition face.

    3. When they all wore these chic matching black outfits.

    4. When all of their precious young faces appeared on stage, looking innocent and pure and bashful and excited all at once.

    Ken McKay/TalkbackThames/REX USA

    5. And especially their little faces whenever they got a compliment.

    6. When Harry rocked this iconic combination of a collar-popped polo, cardigan, baggy pants, and floppy shoes.

    Neil Mockford / Getty Images

    7. Every single dramatic Niall close-up on the X Factor.

    8. Every single glistening, tear-filled, nervous twitch.

    9. When they all looked like this.

    10. The time they spelled Niall's name wrong and he looked like a tiny, broken doll.

    Ken McKay / Rex/REX USA

    11. When they dressed like a team of chic zombies for Halloween.

    Ken McKay / Rex/REX USA

    12. This iconic hug.

    Ken McKay / Rex/REX USA

    13. This iconic group shot.

    14. All of these iconic fashions.

    Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage

    15. And especially this iconic T-shirt.

    Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage

    16. When they all casually walked down the street together and all of their pants were actually loose enough to allow oxygen inside.

    Danny Martindale / WireImage

    17. When they all looked like swooshy-haired dolls at some Pokémon event.

    Jon Furniss / WireImage

    18. When they all crowded around baby Niall for this iconic Zaynless group shot.

    Danny Martindale / WireImage

    19. When Niall wore this iconic combination of accessories.

    Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage

    20. When Liam's swoopy hair covered half of his tiny face.

    Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage

    21. When pre-stubble Zayn still looked pretty much just as flawless as he does today.

    Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage

    22. When they all insisted on wearing jackets and sweaters and cardigans and scarves.

    JAB Promotions / WireImage

    23. When this was the most they dressed up.

    Jon Furniss / WireImage

    24. When Louis never went anywhere without a scarf wrapped around his tiny neck.

    JAB Promotions / WireImage

    25. When all just walked around with Cher Lloyd looking like this.

    Neil Mockford / Getty Images

    26. When all of their tattoo-less bodies went to the beach.

    27. Any of their precious young X Factor interviews.

    28. The iconic nervous Harry face.

    29. The iconic moment they found out they would be a band together.

    30. Their first official photo as a group.

    31. And the iconic moment they left the X Factor and went on to become the men they are today.


    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images for Rays of Sunshine

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