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    43 Fabulous Ways To Live Life Like Jack McFarland

    This isn't the Will and Grace show. It's JUST JACK.

    1. Always dramatically announce absolutely every entrance.

    2. And reserve a special announcement for your best assets.

    3. Don't let other people define who you are.

    4. Have a healthy fear of God.

    5. ...Always feel her presence.

    6. And pay homage to her when appropriate.

    7. Ignore the people who are coming on too strong.

    8. Even though maybe sometimes you come on a little too strong.

    9. Never put limits on yourself.

    10. Unless something's too difficult... then, whatever.

    11. Never let other people tell you what to do.

    12. Unless they're complimenting you. Then they can say whatever they want.

    13. Stay strong in your convictions.

    14. And question things you're not sure about.

    15. Never give up because you will eventually find your way.

    16. Feel good about the fact that you're better than everybody around you.

    17. Dress to impress.

    18. Pretty much everybody is falling in love with you.

    19. Go on literally thousands of dates every year.

    20. Never forget that you are, and will always be, the best thing that ever happened to everybody around you.

    21. Dream about what makes you happy.

    22. You can never, EVER, be too dramatic.

    23. Ever.

    24. Everything is always, without fail, about you.

    25. Do not tolerate children.

    26. Learn as many skills as you can. You never know when they'll come in handy.

    27. Also, learn as many languages as possible.

    28. Offer help wherever it's needed.

    29. And never hesitate to hand out compliments when they're deserved.

    30. But also, mock everyone. Always.

    31. There's pretty much never a time when you shouldn't be sarcastic.

    32. Never.

    33. Understand the importance of good parenting.

    34. Pretty much always assume the worst.

    35. But when things get bad, understand that a tummy bump will always make things better.

    36. Always.

    37. Call things as you see them.

    38. Set lofty goals.

    39. Be inspired.

    40. Take special inspiration from your idols.

    41. Don't dance around a subject.

    42. It's pretty much always best to just get straight to the point.

    43. And, of course, never EVER pretend to be anybody you're not.

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