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    24 Excuses To Bask In The Adorable Beauty That Is Ashton Irwin

    He's 20 and Australian and a bae.

    1. This is actual adorable human button Ashton Irwin.

    2. Ashton is a 20-year-old drummer for the four-member Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer...

    Graham Denholm / Getty Images

    3. Which is currently the opening act for One Direction's massive world tour.

    4. And basically, he is a beautiful little Australian bundle of sugary delight.

    5. There's the time he painted this adorable little swirlies on his little tiny face.

    6. And the time he made this adorable little face while posing with his little purple face swirlies.

    7. There's the time he literally danced his own shirt off.

    8. And the time he stood around with his shirt off and his little tiny tuft of Australian chest hair hanging out.

    9. There's the time he played the piano like an actual real life cherub.

    10. And angelically jumped on this pogo stick in a sleeveless shirt and sunglasses and his little bandana.

    11. There's the time he shirtlessly cuddled this dog at the beach.

    12. There's his adorable little face and eyes.

    13. His quirky little smile.

    14. And his cute yet swooning gaze.

    15. There's the time he flawlessly pulled off this Pharrell hat and bandana combination.

    16. There's all of his adorable little hats.

    17. There's the time he shoved this orange peel in his mouth and crossed his eyes and still looked like a precious chipmunk.

    18. There's all of his flawless facial expressions and tongue movements.

    19. There's all of his perfect selfies.

    20. There's his tiny little lips.

    21. And adorable, lip-biting smile.

    22. And all of his bright little chipmunk energy.

    23. There's the time he was an actual ball of uncountable cuteness.

    24. And basically every single time he was absolutely perfect which is all the time.