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Ellen Terrifies Two Staffers At A Haunted House And Their Reactions Are Priceless

Ellen wins haunted houses.

Now an October tradition, Ellen DeGeneres sent her easily frightened writer, Amy, and her executive producer, Andy, to a haunted house — this one Walking Dead-themed — and captured their entire experience on camera:

View this video on YouTube / Via The Ellen Show

Their best reactions:

The No-Neck Reaction:

The "Please, for the Love of God, Hold Me Closer" Reaction:

The "I'm Willing to Sacrifice You If Necessary" Reaction:

The "I Will Push You Into Danger to Save My Own Life" Reaction:

The "Drop Everything and Scream Like Hell" Reaction:

The "I Will Pass Out at Any Moment" Reaction:

And, of course, the "I'm Ellen and You're All Playing My Game" reaction:

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