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29 Dogs You Won't Believe Actually Exist

These are real animals that live among us.

1. This horrific snow monster dog.

2. This beautiful emo angel dog.

3. This balancing acrobatic genius dog.

4. This studying for a very important midterm exam and cannot be bothered dog.

5. This dog who is the object of this seductive cow's affections.

6. This Chia dog.

7. This master-of-nature dog.

8. This dog with no hand who is very excited to get a hand.

9. This farting dog.

10. This cowboy dog.

11. This giraffe dog.

12. This delicious-medium-cheese-pizza-thief dog.

13. This dog who actually has no idea what's going on but seems OK with it.

14. This festive rat-whisperer dog.

15. This hat.

16. This hamburger-thief dog.

17. This dog who dug himself his very own nap hole.

18. This dog who is apparently terrified of his own ability to sit on a stair.

19. This businesswoman.

20. This dog who is actually a planet orbiting the sun.

21. This ready-for-winter dog.

22. This sand castle.

23. This guinea-pig-walking dog.

24. This diva dog.

25. This pair of shredding skateboarders.

26. This boarding school student dog.

27. This narcissist dog.

28. This beautiful Christmas present dog.

29. And Princess Leia.