34 Dogs Who Need To Be Cut Off

    OK, it's time to go home. You've had quite enough to drink.

    1. Um, you know what, I...I think you've had enough.

    2. Oh...yep...yeah, you're just falling all over the place now.

    3. C'mon, dog, that's...that's a wall. Do you even know where you are right now?

    4. No, that's it. You're done. Give me the bottle.

    5. Dude, how many drinks did you even have?

    6. Well, now you're just stumbling over everything.

    7. Basically just making a fool of yourself.

    8. OK, well, I know you're not sleeping. YOU'RE ABOUT TO PASS OUT. And I'm not carrying your drunk ass home.

    9. Fine, go ahead and make faces at me. But you're cut off.

    10. You can bitch all you want. You're not having any more. You had, like, three Long Island Iced Teas. THREE.

    11. Frankly, I'm surprised you're even alive right now.

    12. OK, well now you're just being belligerent.

    13. Can't even sit up straight.

    14. That joke you thought was funny earlier? Racist. Just plain racist. I had to cover for you.

    15. Can't even get up the stairs without help.

    16. You can barely walk.

    17. OK, sure, just dance it off.

    18. No, don't even try to hide and then sneak into the kitchen and grab another drink. YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH.

    19. You keep creeping into everyone's pictures.

    20. You screamed an obscenity at that bartender. She was pretty offended, actually.

    21. Can you even breathe?

    22. HOW DID YOU GET ANOTHER DRINK? No. Give it to me.

    23. This is unbelievable. You're out of control right now.

    24. Just go get something to eat.

    25. You know what? I'm embarrassed for you. Honestly.

    26. Oh, god. Now you've done it. Broken everything. I told you not to have another drink. Just couldn't stop yourself, could you?

    27. OK, you know what? I'm done taking care of you. You're a mess.


    29. OK, yeah, now you're feeling, it aren't you? I swear to God, if you throw up, I'll make your drunk ass clean it up.

    30. You disgust me. Look at yourself.

    31. Can...can you even get up? No, you can't, can you? You're stuck. You're drunk and stuck.

    32. No more. In fact, you probably shouldn't drink again ever.

    33. Pretty much the messiest drunk I've ever met.

    34. Just...go sleep it off, you filthy drunk.