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35 Dogs That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better


1. Dog who is very excited to be tickled by a brush.

2. Dog who is very happy to be making baby deer friends.

3. Dog who thought he could definitely maybe fly for a second.

4. Dog with a very large sombrero.

5. Dogs who believe in achieving world peace.

6. Tiny dog in tiny hat with tiny stack of pancakes and tiny mimosa.

7. Dog who is holding a very secret meeting inside other dog.

8. Dog who is ready for a long, cold commute.

9. Bum-licking dog.

10. Dog who is the hero he thinks we deserve.

11. Dog who is also a root beer astronaut.

12. Dog who is also an American Apparel model.

13. Dog who is also a puddle.

14. Orange-peel bikini dog.

15. Dog who is prepared for her road trip.

16. Dog who is also a loaf of whole wheat bread.

17. Dog couple patiently waiting beneath umbrella in the rain.

18. Dog who is happy to stop and smell the flowers.

19. Dog who is also a very convincing slimy slug.

20. Dog who is overjoyed to be experiencing life today and is also maybe intoxicated.

21. Dog who refuses to go out in the rain without his fab raincoat.

22. Dog who is also a face mask.

23. Tiny dog in a very tiny but comfy sweater.

24. Dog who cannot believe he gets to take a bath right now.

25. Dog who definitely probably didn't eat the secret stash of Cheetos.

26. Dog who got saved from sneezing at the very last moment.

27. Tiny dog who is so tiny that normal-sized dog bones are bigger than her.

28. Dog who is absolutely ecstatic to be at the playground right now.

29. Dog who doesn't care what she looks like in the up-close selfie.

30. Dog in bunny ears carrying tiny dog in a tiny basket.

31. Dog who is also a mouse pad.

32. Dog who is willing to show affection to other sad dog.

33. Dog who is being walked by very friendly guinea pig.

34. Dog who is momentarily overcome by his own amazing dog abilities.

35. And Spanky.